Plant Seminar

Robinson, Dr. David drobinson at
Tue Dec 9 19:52:35 EST 2003

My college requires all freshman to take a seminar course designed to
develop their skills at reading, writing, communicating, and integrating
across disciplines (rather than emphasizing content).  Individual
faculty are encouraged to develop these seminars on topics they are
particularly interested in, or are not able to pursue to any great
extent in their regular curriculum.

I believe Ethnobotany would be a suitable topic for such a seminar, but
am at a loss for course titles.  I already know about "Plants and
Society", "Plants and Civilization", "Plants and Human Affairs", "Plants
and Culture", "Plants and Human History", etc.

Has anyone run across a more creative title for a non-science seminar
course that might cover topics as diverse as medicinal plants,
domestication of crop plants, plants and the environment, and the
religious/cultural uses of plants?

Thanks for any ideas.

Dave Robinson
Biology Department
Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY  40205


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