Plant Seminar

Robinson, Dr. David drobinson at
Fri Dec 12 12:59:52 EST 2003

I got lots of great ideas about good course-titles I might use in a new
seminar course I am proposing to teach.  My intention was to make it an
ethnobotany-type course without using the word "ethnobotany".  Here is a
compilation of responses I have received so far. Thanks to everyone for
the help!  Dave Robinson, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY

-	Seeds of Civilization

-	Seeds of Change

-	The Seeds of Civilization:  Plants and Human Affairs

-	Plant at Work: Plants at Play

-	The Green World of Plants and People

-	Plants That Changed The World  ..*my favorite (has an action

-	Plants That Changed History    ..* my other favorite

-	Plants That Change Our Lives

-	Plants in Our Lives

-	Flower Power

-	Plants of the Gods

-	Sex, Drugs, and the Modern Plant

-	Our Love-Hate Relationship with Plants

-	Bush Foods, Plant Defenses and Physiology

-	Plants, Food, and People

-	Plants and Society

-	Plants and Culture

-	Plants and Civilization

-	Forgotten Flowers:  Plants and Civilization

-	Food for Thought:  The Role of Plants in Human History

-	The Green Earth:  Plants and Civilization

-	The Green Earth: Plants and Human Affairs

-	Plants and Human Affairs


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