Sonic Bloom??

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Thu Feb 6 15:07:45 EST 2003

Dear Plant Edders -

What have you heard or do you know about "sonic bloom"?
We do independent research projects in our General Biology laboratory and
have a student group that is really keen on investigating "sonic bloom".
>From my brief search of the internet I'd say it's a crock :

This is what one site said:

"Bird song stimulates the opening of the stomata of leafy plants, thus
enabling them to respire and take on nutrients from the air. The sonic
bloom technology utilises this knowledge. By broadcasting birdsong
frequencies (embedded in music) and spraying a nutrient rich mist over the
plants, the plants can be stimulated into taking on much more nutrient than
in normal conditions and greatly increased growth can be seen. Flowering
and fruiting is also improved, and resistance to blights and disease
increased. Plants exibit hitherto unseen patterns of growth, given the
inexhaustable supply and take up of nutrient, these new patterns are
carried on to the next generation.  The challenge is to integrate this
technology into the farming system of the future in harmony with nature. It
remains to be seen whether this is possible."

have you encountered this?  What do you think?

Martha Phillips
Biology Dept.
The College of St. Catherine
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