Saving the American Elm

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Sun Feb 9 20:52:13 EST 2003

Saving the American Elm
by Bruce Carley

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I have posted this article to call attention to a special project which
I have
been doing since 1994 and which hopefully will be a source of
inspiration for
many. Ever since some new disease-resistant varieties of purely American elm
were called to my attention, I have been hooked on raising these trees for
distribution in my home town of Acton, Massachusetts, and it did not
take me
long to conceive of finding a way to have them planted on various conservation
lands, where they will always be safe from indifferent landowners. I soon
became acquainted with this towns conservation director, who welcomed my idea
wholeheartedly and gave me the necessary permission. 

For further information, including details on several DED-resistant varieties
of American elm (e.g. Valley Forge) and their availability, please visit the
full version of this article at:

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