germinating fresh pollen

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Thu Feb 27 11:15:58 EST 2003

We have had fantastic success with snapdragons.  The flower spike of a
snapdragon contains flowers at many stages of development.  We usually
take a mixture of pollen from young as well as older flowers to ensure a
sample of viable pollen.  The pollen is placed on Dickinson's media
either in liquid (on a slide) or on a thin layer of solidified media in
a small Petri dish that can fit on the compound microscope.

Dickinson's media contains:
0.16mM boric acid
1.27 mM Ca(NO3)2
1 mM KNO3
1 mM succinic Acid
10 % sucrose
1 % bacto-agar (for solid media)
pH to 5.5 with KOH



At 03:47 AM 2/27/2003 +0000, you wrote:

> Does anyone have a good protocol for making live pollen germinate for
> a
> general botany lab exercise?  The usual procedure, using Impatiens,
> rarely works.  Any secrets, anyone? David Fisher, PhD
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