Far side cartoon?

Dan Riggs riggs at utsc.utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 6 13:40:26 EST 2003

Dear netters:

I try to stress the importance of knowing technical terms to my
students.  I keep trying to find a Gary Larson cartoon to drive home
this point.  In it, the astonomer Keppler makes the statement "So you
see, the orbit of the planets is elliptical".  Three different students
are confused about the terms.  One is thinking "what's an orbit?" the
second, "what's a planet?", and the third, "what's elliptical?".  I'd
like to find a digitized version of this cartoon so I could include it
as part of a powerpoint presentation.  Can anyone supply it or can you
tell me which of the many Larson comic collections contains this

thanks and happy new  year!

Dan Riggs


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