water relations and fall leaf color

Jon Monroe monroejd at jmu.edu
Thu Jan 16 09:23:17 EST 2003


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Here are two items to get us rolling.

1. Each year in Plant Phys when I teach water relations some students
ask for practice problems and each year I fail to get around to it. 
Does anyone have a set of problems they would be willing to share to get
me started?

2. Last fall I was hiking in the nearby hills during peak leaf color
season and I caught myself staring at red maple leaves that were yellow
and red and peppered with brown hypersensitive spots.  I started
hypothesizing about why they looked as they did and thought it might
make an interesting problem for students (to stare and hypothesize...). 
So I collected a bunch of leaves, took digital photos and placed them on
my course website on a page describing the assignment
Feel free to look at it, use it if you wish, and give me feedback on it
if you think it can be improved.

Best wishes,

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