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I teach Plant Biology 101-102 at Ohio State University.  This is
Introductory Plant Biology I-II for non-majors.  The courses are taught in
a quarter system (10 wks) at 5 cr each.  PB101 has 4 lectures per week plus
a 2-hr recitation in which we do only 2 experiments but spend the rest of
the time with traditional microscope work as well as macroscopic
examination of plant parts (flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.).  PB102 has three
lectures per week and a 3-hr lab.  This is a real lab with experiments,
some of which run for several weeks.  This course includes a section on
ethnobotany which basically consists of each student writing a term paper
on a plant of economic importance.  You can learn more about both courses
by going to my web site at
then clicking on Site Index.  There you will see the syllabi and other info
for both courses.  We wrote the lab manuals for both courses.  Several of
the experiments were designed by our colleagues at the Ohio Agricultural
Research and Development Center and are modeled on experiments they
regularly do to inform farmers.  These would not be considered
"cutting-edge" experiments for modern plant biology but they make the
course relevant for these non-majors and lets them get some understanding
of how their state tax dollars are spent to improve productivity.  Please
call or write if you have questions.

>Hi all!
>I've just been given the opportunity to consider a non-majors plant
>course with a lab and am wondering what others have done along these
>lines.  I'm starting to toss around an economic botany type class but
>can consider other alternatives.  Students would take the class to meet
>their science requirement at our liberal arts college.
>Would anyone like to chime in? I would be most grateful for those
>willing to share syllabi and text recommendations.
>Thanks in advance!
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