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Thu Jan 16 17:31:05 EST 2003

I haven't taught a non-majors course BUT still will make a suggestion,
since you are considering some "economic botany": Henry Hobhouse's _Seeds
of Change_ is a marvelous account of the roles of a half dozen plants in
human history (tea, cotton, quinine, potato, etc.)-- he is a great
storyteller.  I've stolen (& condensed) his stories and told them to my
classes, and it's the favorite part.  

Our approach for non-majors is to have "topics" courses for them, complete
with labs (and/or field work), but without bio majors.  They work quite

-Chris Cole

At 08:31 PM 1/16/03 -0000, Beverly Brown wrote:
>Hi all!
>I've just been given the opportunity to consider a non-majors plant 
>course with a lab and am wondering what others have done along these 
>lines.  I'm starting to toss around an economic botany type class but 
>can consider other alternatives.  Students would take the class to meet 
>their science requirement at our liberal arts college.  
>Would anyone like to chime in? I would be most grateful for those 
>willing to share syllabi and text recommendations.
>Thanks in advance!
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