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I have taught a similar course for many years.  I've used a variety of
textbooks over the years yet agree with the other responders that giving
students an idea of the applied botany worked best.  It helps to integrate
botanical topics with other subjects such as history, geography, or
economics depending on the nature of the students.  I was also frustrated
with the lack of laboratory exercises.  Estelle Levetin, Karen McMahon,
and I recently published a lab manual with McGraw Hill that has an Applied
Botany approach.  See

Rob Reinsvold

Beverly Brown said:
> Hi all!
> I've just been given the opportunity to consider a non-majors plant
> course with a lab and am wondering what others have done along these
> lines.  I'm starting to toss around an economic botany type class but
> can consider other alternatives.  Students would take the class to meet
> their science requirement at our liberal arts college.
> Would anyone like to chime in? I would be most grateful for those
> willing to share syllabi and text recommendations.
> Thanks in advance!
> Beverly
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