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I think your question is a great one. There are many ways to go about 
finding a good lab for a sabbatical. If you are interested in working
someone you haven't met before, it seems to me that it would be fine to 
send them an e-mail with a copy of your cv attached. I think it would be 
important to be clear about what you wanted to learn, but also to be 
flexible and indicate that you hope you can make a contribution to the
as well. You might be able to extend your sabbatical over a summer by 
having the PI request an ROA supplement to an NSF award if he or she was
current NSF awardee. There are is also sabbatical funding through USDA
might help extend a sabbatical.

Good luck with your sabbatical and enjoy!


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> Here's a crazy question.....its about sabbaticals.
> My college just started offering faculty sabbaticals, so no one here
> really has an experienced answer. So how DOES one go about identifying a
> host lab to work in for a 6-month to year sabbatical?
> Is it proper "etiquette" to just email or telephone someone whose
> research you admire and ask them to take you in (even though they don't
> really know you)?  Of course, I would have my own salary, and of course
> I would visit the lab afterwards to make sure its a good "match" and
> all, before I moved in...
> Or is it standard practice to only make such a request of a colleague
> that you have a long-standing relationship with (someone you have met at
> past annual meetings, for instance)?
> Thanks for any advice.............  Dave Robinson
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