'Like Clockwork'

David Alan Walker d.a.walker at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Mar 14 16:57:57 EST 2003

Such a welcome message to come across as I periodically check into Plant

'like Clockwork' was not born out of a wish to accumulate unimagined wealth
like  the author of


for whom I have immense respect and admiration.

It sprang from two things. The first had to do ( I write this is an old man)
with an evangelical  enthusiasm for all matters digital, that I have striven
to express in


The second was sheer pleasure in writing about a subject dear to my heart.

 Accordingly, anyone with a wish to do so, can download the first
chapter of
'like Clockwork' from


However thewhole of 'Like Clockwork' (snatches of 'music' and all) occupies
about 25 MB which, I admit, is a bit of a pain, to download.
Accordingly, if
you are strapped for cash and can't afford the $ 15 (no offence
intended- I
used to get biochemicals from Sigma, for free, on the same basis) to buy it


see http://www.oxygraphics.co.uk/

just Email me and I will be happy to mail it to you, gratis, on CD.

Best regards and thanks


>From David Walker, FRS., Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis,
University of
Sheffield, UK.

PS I hate spam too but how else to respond?


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