Leaf chlorophyll extraction

John E. Silvius silviusj at cedarville.edu
Sun Mar 16 16:09:23 EST 2003

With respect to why 50% alcohol might work better for chlorophyll
extraction than 90% alcohol, I would hypothesize that it might have to
do with a more favorable denaturation of plastid and cellular
membranes (e.g. the higher the %H2O, the higher the boiling
temperature).  I base this hypothesis on the fact that I do a demo in
which I begin with boiling water and demonstrate the insolubility of
sunflower leaf chlorophylls in water. (Incidently, by placing the leaf
in the boiling/near boiling water, abaxial side up, you can also show
expansion of the gases within the mesophyll by the appearance of air
bubbles adhering to the lower epidermis.)  Then, I transfer the same
leaf to boiling 70 or 80% ethanol and the extraction occurs within a
few minutes.  I have not compared the success of this extraction with
ethanol alone.

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>>> David Hershey <dh321z at yahoo.com> 03/14/03 10:03 AM >>>
A student observed that geranium leaves to be used for
starch testing decolored better in 50% isopropyl
alcohol than in 90%. The alcohol was heated in a
boiling water bath. All the other variables were the

Does anyone know why 50% alcohol would be better for
removing chlorophyll than 90% alcohol?

David R. Hershey

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