high fructose corn syrup

Gary Cote gcote at radford.edu
Fri May 30 10:25:25 EST 2003

It's made by "cooking" corn starch to break down the starch to glucose. 
impression is that some of the glucose is then converted enzymatically
fructose.  Product specifications available on the web indicate that it 
does contain about 50% of its sugars as glucose.  I imagine that it's
more because its sweeter.  It also gives a moister product in baked 
goods.  (The cynic in me suggests that maybe it's also used so that
doesn't have to be the main ingredient on the list, thus not scaring
some calorie-conscious consumersl.)


At 01:48 PM 5/30/2003 +0100, Carl Pike wrote:
>Does anyone know how high fructose corn syrup is made?  Is it from
>stalks? Is it simply extracted from corn, and it happens to be high
>in fructose naturally?  Is it processed in some way?  I thought it
>could involve use of invertase to break down sucrose, but then it
>would be high in glucose as well as fructose.  Or is fructose added
>to the extract?  Why is it so common in processed foods (as compared
>to plain ordinary corn syrup)?

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