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Sat Nov 1 07:51:52 EST 2003

I would have no objection to the kind of advertising David is talking
here. It seems clearly different from a commercial enterprise. I would
rather open an email that said: "I've published a short book you may be 
interested in" than one that says "I'm out of the office, blah, blah
blah." Or, worst 
of all, the dreaded "me too."

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Valencia Community College
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In a message dated 10/28/03 9:38:46 PM, d.a.walker at writes:

>But authors and independent publishers
>have “to live too” So what if you and I wish to publish something
out of
>the normal run of things? Publishing ‘online’ is not a problem and look
>at what BitPass <> has now brought about. But how
>to bring our wares to the attention of  potential readers?  Commercial
>advertising is too costly to contemplate. May we too advertise on
>Plant.Ed . Would anyone object?

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