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The latest issue of AgBioForum is available online at  This special issue titled "Agricultural
Biotechnology in China" is guest edited by Dr. Mary A. Marchant and Dr.
Francis Tuan.  Below is a list of the articles included in the issue.
1. Agricultural Biotechnology Development and Policy in China 
Jikun Huang and Qinfang Wang 
2. GM Foods: A Nanjing Case Study of Chinese Consumers' Awareness and 
Potential Attitudes 
Funing Zhong, Mary A. Marchant, Yulian Ding, and Kaiyu Lu 
3. Consumer Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Foods in Beijing, 
Quan Li, Kynda R. Curtis, Jill J. McCluskey, and Thomas I. Wahl 
4. Bt Cotton Benefits, Costs, and Impacts in China 
Jikun Huang, Ruifa Hu, Cuihui Fan, Carl E. Pray, and Scott Rozelle 
5. Issues on Adoption, Import Regulations, and Policies for Biotech 
Commodities in China with a Focus on Soybeans 
Mary A. Marchant, Cheng Fang, and Baohui Song 
6. Is China the Market for Genetically Modified Potatoes? 
Kynda R. Curtis, Jill J. McCluskey, and Thomas I. Wahl 
(c) 2003 Curators of the University of Missouri
ISSN: 1522-936X

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Nan Sukpanich 
Publications Coordinator for AgBioForum

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