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Tue Sep 30 14:19:14 EST 2003

Dear Plant-ed folks:

Michele (my senior project student) and I are trying to get started with
digital imaging.  We have a Nikon Coolpix camera, a photo mount for our
research dissecting scope for the camera, and a computer (a PC) for
storing and analyzing images that is connected to the camera and the
campus network and internet.  We can now take photos and save them on
the computer, but we want to be able to make measurements on them.

We have downloaded ImageJ from NIH. I should say the tech support folks
have downloaded it for us.  Neither one of us is the computer-tinkering
type, and I've been dealing with breast cancer this summer and fall so I
don't have much time to spend in the lab figuring out how to get things
to work. I have some basic (I mean very basic!) questions about imaging:

Now that we have ImageJ do we need to download plug-ins for specific tasks?

We want to measure the area of our plant images, do length and width
measurements, and color intensity measurements.  Which plug-ins would be
good for us to use?

Do the plug-ins have any quirks to look out for or is there good documentation?

Are there other free or inexpensive programs we should look into?

Are there any books or websites that would tell us more of what we need
to know?

What pixel/data file size settings on the Colic camera are good for
publication quality pictures?

I know these questions could be answered if we poked around more, but
time Michele only has a few more months of working on this before she
needs to turn in her senior project.



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