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Thanks to all who answered my request!  Of course, as soon as I sent it,
remembered the David Attenborough Private Life of Plants series.  So
here are the three suggestions I received, many people suggest "The
Private Life of Plants" so I didn't list all of them.

David Attenborough's "The Private Life of Plants Vol. 3: The Birds and
the Bees"  1995 BBC

The Video is called "Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind."  It 
originally aired on Nature (PBS) in the mid 1980's and is still 
excellent.  At one time is was for sale  via Carolina Biological 
Supply.  The film was based on a book by B. Meeuse and S. Morris 
titled The Sex Life of Plants.

Jeff Osborn

I like "The Amazing Lives of Plants: The reproductive cycles of mosses,
pines, ferns, and flowers", published by McGraw-Hill.  Very nice
animation, text appears on the screen for key terms, and you can show it
all at once or in parts, as it is divided into sections for each life

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