pollination video?

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Wed Feb 4 13:04:03 EST 2004

Fisher, Roxanne wrote:

> I'm teaching botany this spring.  The last time I taught it, I remember
> thinking showing a video about pollination would be more effective than
> showing still photos or drawings and discussing them.  Do any of you
> have a video you can recommend?  When I was a teaching assistant we
> showed a video called "close encounters of the floral kind" or something
> like that. Since that was a while ago (you can guess from the title!) I
> thought there might be something better/newer out there.
> Thanks!
> Roxanne
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you may find some nice videos on vegetal biotech (not necessaryly those you
mentionned) on http://biotechnologie-vegetale.com

all computer made animation.

the company also sells a cdrom, full computed made animation on genetic
transfers from bacteria to plants (english spoken) that can be found on



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