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I looked for the Steve Wonder movie "Secret Life of Plants" on videotape
last year and my video store experts told me it has never been issued on
VHS or DVD....not enough botanists out there demanding it I guess!

The soundtrack (with lyrics) is available on CD however..

Dave Robinson, Bellarmine U., Louisville, KY.

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Hello all,

Since we're talking about copyright issues, I'll seek advice from the
about a related issue - DVD copies of aging VHS tapes that are no longer

distributed by the original sources.

Our media people can make such transfers, but they are hesitant to do so
they can't get copyright permission.  The tape in question, here, is 
something called Web of Life, a video about biodiversity that we use
semester.  Films for the Humanities and Sciences no longer handles it,
does the producer, WQED.   Any advice or experience about this specific 
case or more general ones?

Also, I'll repeat a request I sent to this list a few years ago for an 
actual copy of the "Secret Life of Plants" pseudoscience piece.  Does 
anyone have a copy?  I'd love to see it.  This is the one with Stevie 
Wonder numbers as part of the soundtrack.


Wil Taylor

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