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David R. Hershey dh321 at
Wed Nov 3 21:03:41 EST 2004

The British lists a 2002 edition of Hobhouse in print, which
may be a solution unless it can't sell copies to Americans for some
reason. It has a new sixth chapter on the coca plant. The author even
has a message on the webpage:

Reserve rooms at college libraries should be familiar with application
of photocopying out of print books for educational use. However, I doubt
being out of print would be a defense, even it it was out of print.
Given that Hobhouse is just five chapters, photocopying even one chapter
might be beyond fair use. The best tactic would be to contact the
publisher and ask what they would charge per copy for a photocopy shop
to sell copies to students. Photocopy shops might even be able to make
the inquiry. The following site has good information.

Faculty Information: Copyright 101: The Basics

David R. Hershey

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