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I used to teach a fungi course, and I found the students to be really
interested in them. That's where I first got my reputation for being a
fun guy.
It all depends upon what you want to show. If you create some plates of
potato dextrose agar or corn meal agar and simply open them to the
atmosphere for a couple minutes after the agar has solidified and cooled
you will undoubtedly get Penicillium or Aspergillus. I suggest taping
the plates shut to avoid any problems. Incubate at room temp and/or body
temp for a couple days and you should have all kinds of mold. 
I can offer a whole bunch of different fungal experiments you (or
better, your students) can do that are really pretty neat and
interesting. These experiments are also found in Perry, Morton and Perry
lab manual (Wadsworth or IT Thompson or whatever they are calling
themselves these days). {If you don't have a copy and want the
experiments, please ask and I will send you a Word document with these
(and anyone else who wants them) plus also the instructions for culture}
One of the neatest things that will be sure to gross out the students
(i.e. interest them) is to take some fresh horse dung, place it in a
deep culture dish with a moistened piece of filter paper, cover and
incubate for several days. Likely your dung cultures will produce
wonderful Pilobolus colonies. These have phototropic sporangiophores
that shoot their sporangia by a hydraulic mechanism directionally, if
you use unidirectional light. I believe this is described in Raven,
Evert and Eichhorn, Biology of Plants. 
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Dear Plant-Ed folks:


I am teaching intro bio this fall, and since I'm covering the fungi I
thought it would be fun to have a few Petri dishes of example fungi to
pass around the class.  The only problem is that I know next to nothing
about the fungi so when I looked in the Carolina catalogue I had no idea
what to order!  Could any of you suggest some example fungi that I could
get from Carolina or some other commercial source?







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