List of journals that publish plant science pedagogy articles?

Dr. Cindy Graham cmgraham at
Tue Feb 22 10:50:06 EST 2005

I would be very interested in this information as well - and quite happy 
to collaborate if you are interested.  I am redesigning the curriculum 
for our introductory plant physiology class here.

There are some interesting articles on the ABLE website (Association for
Biology Laboratory Education)

Jon Monroe also has some interesting ideas on his website.  I would 
really like to try out his experiments with screening and characterizing
mutagenized Arabidopsis but our semesters are too short.

I would also be very interested in hearing about any texts that people 
are using.  We have been using Introduction to Plant Physiology by 
Hopkins and Huner but I find it quite poorly organized and the students 
find it very frustrating to use.  I have considered using Taiz and 
Zeiger but the level is slightly higher than I would like as it is an 
introductory physiology course.


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On 2/21/05 4:00 PM, "Douglas Bielenberg" <dbielen at CLEMSON.EDU> wrote:

> Hello all,
>          Does anyone have a list of journals that accept and publish
> plant science pedagogy articles for the undergraduate level of
> instruction?  I know a few but am certainly not aware of all of the
> potential venues.  I would be willing to collate and post such a list
> from any responses I receive.
>          I am also interested in tracking down or assembling a
> bibliography of plant science articles for the UG level of teaching.
> Again I would be willing to maintain such a bibliography.  Primarily I
> am interested in laboratory exercises, but lecture concepts are also of
> interest.  Since Carol Reiss' manual seems to be a baseline for everyone
> in the field I don't see the potential for a whole new book coming out
> anytime soon, but I would like to gather together innovations and ideas
> that have made it into print since then.  Additionally, since many good
> ideas are often presented at the ASPB meeting, I would also be
> interested in collecting abstracts of the education posters in a
> bibliography so that the author can be contacted if the lab/concept has
> appeal.
>          As you may guess I am wanting to 1) assemble a better lab
> curriculum for my plant physiology course based on the trial and error
> of others who have put time into a similar endeavor and 2) decide if any
> of the innovations/ideas for labs that I generate are novel and have
> interest to a community so that I may gain some scholarship credit for
> the time I put into the course.  An approach I am particularly in is
> whether anyone has had success with integrating 'service learning' into
> a lab based science course?
>          If this has already been done or exists elsewhere on the web, I
> would be most grateful to be pointed in that direction.
> Sincerely,
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