List of journals that publish plant science pedagogy articles?

David R. Hershey dh321 at
Tue Feb 22 19:49:25 EST 2005

American Biology Teacher (ABT) and Journal of Biological Education from
England are probably the two main journals with undergrad plant
physiology labs over the years, although ABT has had fewer plant
articles the last couple years.

I posted a list of journals with plant articles in this group way back
in Dec. 1995. It included all levels. Supposedly, Plant Physiology was
to publish teaching articles but I don't think it has had many.

Biology Lab Clearinghouse has a bunch of plant physiology labs and is
meant to be a repository for all biology labs.

The National Association of Biology Teachers got a $750,000 NSF grant
to start Biology Education Online. It was to be a refereed biology
teaching journal for K-16 but it seems to be defunct with the last
article published in Nov. 2003. With just three articles published,
that's $250 grand per article.

You can locate a lot of the plant education articles via the ERIC
database. It goes back to about 1966.

I collected about fifty plant physiology lab manuals from the late
1800s onward. Someday I will have to post a list of them. Among the
earliest was Francis Darwin and E. Hamilton Acton's "Practical
Physiology of Plants. (1894). London: Cambridge University Press.

The American Society of Plant Physiology lists several plant physiology
manuals on its webpage "Teaching a Plant Physiology Laboratory Course
for the First Time?" by Carol Reiss:

Emanuel Epstein of the University of California, Davis had a Plant
Nutrition Lab manual with four short labs plus an extended nutrient
deficiency study using solution culture.
The labs were Estimation of Zinc in Water, Measurement of Tissue Free
Space, Ion Absorption by Excised Roots and Ion Transport into the

Fast plants and C-fern have some interesting labs.

David R. Hershey

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