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Bill, et al., try either or both:

I understand the guy who created this left WCC. One day last year I was
unable to use it so I called WCC, and I think they fixed the problem.

Follow directions closely.


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You're probably going to get several responses like this, so sorry in
advance: what's the URL of the Blackboard importer?


On Jan 23, 2005, at 2:48 PM, Perry, Jim wrote:

> I give a lot of quizzes. Last year my university used BlackBoard as a 
> course management tool. A very nice person from Wye Community College 
> wrote and posted on the web for all to use a program that allowed the 
> easy importation of quizzes created in MS Word into BlackBoard's quiz 
> function.
> Well, this year my university has abandoned BlackBoard and gone to 
> Design to Learn (D2L). I have been told by our IT staff that it takes 
> a programmer to figure out how to import Word quizzes into D2L. I am 
> wondering if there has been any other really nice and savvy person who

> has done for D2L what the Wye CC person did for BlackBoard. If so, can

> someone send me the URL or whatever?
> Thanks!
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