Monoecious, Dioecious and ?

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Just a couple weeks ago, I searched for this word with no luck, although 
I remembered it from somewhere.  However, Vascular Plant Systematics, by 
Radford, Dickison, Massey, and Bell (the old "telephone book"), has two 
other words for plants that have entirely perfect flowers:  monoclinous 
and hermaphroditic.

It appears we have 3 synonyms for this trait, and there is no wonder why 
people think botany is replete with an overabundance of terminology.  So 
which term has priority?  Can we conserve one and reject the others?  Or 
perhaps they don't mean exactly the same thing.  Someone should do a 
terminology revision, and see what usage circumscriptions the type 
usages fall into.  We may need another term altogether!

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I asked this question several years ago in this forum and eventually
came across the answer. I think it was listed in an old botanical
dictionary. The term for a plant species with bisexual or perfect
flowers is synoecious or synecious. I guess it would translate as
"united house."

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