Monoecious, Dioecious and ?

Bill Purves purves at
Thu Jan 27 11:33:41 EST 2005

After seeing the good responses from David Hershey and Doug Jensen, I 
to take a peek at the Random House Webster's Unabridged.  The following
definitions in Webster might be of interest:

SYNOICOUS: Bot. having male and female flowers on one head, as in many
composite plants.  Also, synecious, synoecious.

<this wouldn't appear to be what is sought, namely a plant with all 
perfect flowers>

MONOCLINOUS: Bot. (of a plant, species, etc.) having both the stamens and
pistils in the same flower.

HERMAPHRODITIC: Bot. monoclinous.

Then, of course, there are polygamous species, with both bisexual and 
flowers on the same plant... just to complicate life.


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