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Dear Plant Ed Folks,
Awhile back I requested information on Carolina Biological's digital
camera.  Here are the responses I got:

1.  I have used the videoflex system.  I am not sure it is the same 
model, but it looks like it is.  I have been surprised at the 
flexibility of the camera.  You can focus across the room or through the 
microscope and the quality is quite good.  My grad student really likes 
it for teaching labs, and we especially use it when we are looking at 
live plankton sorts of things.


2,  Hi Kathleen,
I have been looking into eyepiece mounted cameras and have noticed that 
you can get them now from many sources. I am not familiar with 
Carolina's but maybe getting a good camera from a camera place and an 
adapter might be at least as good? Below are two websites you might find 
useful. Would you let me know what others have thought of the Carolina 


3.  Kathleen,
one more interesting website with recommendations of one versus an other
system. Scroll down to  "Our conclusions".

Andreas Madlung

Thanks to Janice and Andreas for their tips!
Kathleen Archer

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