[Plant-education] Bioscience Education Ejournal (BEE-j)

David R. Hershey dh321 at excite.com
Fri Jul 29 18:36:06 EST 2005

I recently came across this peer-reviewed electronic journal from


It has had several articles that might be interest to plant educators
such as the following:

Russell, A.W., Netherwood, G.M.A. and Robinson, S.A. 2004.
Photosynthesis In Silico. Overcoming the Challenges of Photosynthesis
Education Using a Multimedia CD-ROM. Bioscience Education Ejournal.

Hollingsworth, M., Mahon, M. and Thomas, L. 2004. Web projects for Life
Science students. Bioscience Education Ejournal.

Sears, H.J. and Wood, E.J. 2005. Linking Teaching and Research in the
Biosciences. Bioscience Education Ejournal.

David R. Hershey

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