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Susan wrote:

i don't want to teach astrology or intelligent design, but i'm glad 
to hear effective explanations of why not, since i'm called on to 
explain this regularly to my nonmajor biology students. i haven't 
checked out that programme yet, but i will. i need more than 
righteous indignation to convince students of the validity of 
evolutionary theory.


You also might want to read:

Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between 
God and Evolution -- by Kenneth R. Miller

I finally found time to read Miller's book this summer.  It is hard 
going in spots but the early chapters deal with come of the evidence 
behind many of the aspects of evolutionary theory that are frequently 
the targets of the creationists/intelligent designers.  In the later 
chapters Miller presents arguments for the the possibility that 
scientists, even those who are aware of the preponderance of evidence 
for evolution, can subscribe to and practice one of the world's 
religions.  He also argues (I think effectively) that bashing our 
students' religious heritage and beliefs is counter productive.  A 
very interesting and enlightening read.  Of course, there are many 
other books of similar nature.

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