[Plant-education] Study of anthocyans

Janice M. Glime jmglime at mtu.edu
Wed Oct 12 15:44:54 EST 2005

A fun way to use anthocyanins is to extract them from red cabbage using a
blender, then add a variety of household items like ammonia, soap,
vinegar, etc to see color changes.  One could make a parallel set using
buffers to set the pH for a series of colors and make color comparisons.
Some caution is needed because some of the substances add color that
interferes.  The students are quite impressed with the array of colors
they can get.

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On Tue, 11 Oct 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Martin Dubé wrote:

> Hello,
> Is anybody using anthocyans in a general botany lab ?  I am trying to find a
> simple way to introduce my students to these so widely spread substances.
> Martin
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