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This is great fun to do.  I get my materials from a chemistry professor
who uses them to demonstrate kinetics.


We have the spores in a plastic ketchup squeeze bottle that you find in
restaurants-the kind with the pointed nozzle.  Shake the bottle up, and
spray a puff through a flame.  If I can find a smoker, we'll do it
through a lit lighter.  Otherwise, we do the boring Bunsen burner.  The
flash is large and fast, so you want to have the lighter-holder wear
glasses, and (duh) spray away from him or her.  The smell of burned
spores is somewhat distasteful.


The best demonstration I saw of lycopod spores was in the field in
northern Michigan.  The strobili were very dense and all releasing
spores.  Someone held a lighter, and someone else brushed his hand
through the strobili.  


I was unaware of the allergic reaction, so I may have to reconsider this
demonstration.  Perhaps a facemask would be sufficient.



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Has anyone attempted to demonstrate the flammable nature of Lycopodium
spores in the classroom?  If so, I am interested in hearing about your


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