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The following was just posted to the Arabidopsis newsgroup by Tobias 
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Subject: [Arabidopsis] great papers in plant physiology
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 17:31:53 -0400
From: Tobias Baskin <baskin at bio.umass.edu>
To: arab-gen at magpie.bio.indiana.edu

	During the summer, I solicited advice of
papers to assign students to read and present in
my plant phys class. I had quite a good response.
I append a list of the submitted papers, in no
particular order. Thanks to everyone who gave me
suggestions. If you missed my post during the
summer and you have some favorite papers that are
not on the below list, please don't hesitate to
send me the citations.

	As ever,

Great papers in Plant physiology

Oppenheimer DG, Herman PL, Sivakumaran S, Esch J,
Marks MD. 1991  Cell.   67(3): 483-93.  A myb
gene required for leaf trichome differentiation
in Arabidopsis is expressed in stipules.

C. Napoli, C. Lemieux and R. Jorgensen,
Introduction of a Chimeric Chalcone Synthase Gene
into Petunia Results in Reversible Co-Suppression
of Homologous Genes in trans 1990, PLANT CELL, 2
(4) 279-289.

Wei, N, Chamovitz, DA and Deng, XW. (1994).
Arabidopsis COP9 is a  component of a novel
signaling complex mediating light control of
development. Cell 78: 117-124.

Oren R,  Ellsworth DS,  Johnsen KH, Phillips N,
Ewers BE, Maier C, Schäfer KVR, McCarthy H1,
Hendrey G,  McNulty SG, Soil fertility limits
carbon sequestration by forest ecosystems in a
CO2-enriched atmosphere Katul GG  (2001)   Nature
411: 469-472.

Hatakeda Y, Kamada M, Goto N, Fukaki H, Tasaka M,
Suge H, Takahashi H (2003) Gravitropic response
plays an important role in the nutational
movements of the shoots of Pharbitis nil and
Arabidopsis thaliana.  Physiologia Plantarum
118: 464-473.

Tang AC, Boyer JS. 2003  Root pressurization
affects growth-induced water potentials and
growth in dehydrated maize leaves.  J Exp Bot.
54: 2479-2488.

Ruan YL, Llewellyn DJ, Furbank RT.  2001  The
control of single-celled cotton fiber elongation
by developmentally reversible gating of
plasmodesmata and coordinated expression of
sucrose and K+ transporters and expansin.  Plant
Cell.  13(1): 47-60.

Allen GJ, Chu SP, Schumacher K, Shimazaki CT,
Vafeados D, Kemper A, Hawke SD, Tallman G, Tsien
RY, Harper JF, Chory J, Schroeder JI. 2000
Alteration of stimulus-specific guard cell
calcium oscillations and stomatal closing in
Arabidopsis det3 mutant.  Science. Sep 29; 289:

Inoue et al., (2001) Identification of CRE1 as a
cytokinin receptor from Arabidopsis. Nature 409,
1060-1063     [Background paper: Posas. F. et
al., (1996). Yeast HOG1 MAP kinase cascade is
regulated by a multistep phosphorelay mechanism
in the SLN1-YPD1-SSK1 "two-component" osmosensor.
Cell 86, 865-875.]

Sung S, Amasino RM. 2004  Vernalization in
Arabidopsis thaliana is mediated by the PHD
finger protein VIN3. Nature 427: 159 - 164.

Yanovsky MJ, Kay SA. 2002  Molecular basis of
seasonal time measurement in Arabidopsis.
Nature.  419: 308-312.

Gaffney T, et al. (1993). Requirement of
salicylic acid for the induction of systemic
acquired resistance. Science 261: 754-756.

Vernooij B, (1994).  Salicylic acid is not the
translocated signal responsible for inducing
systemic acquired resistance but is required in
signal transduction. Plant Cell 6(7): 959-965.

Wolf et al., 1989. "Movement protein of Tobacco
Mosaic Virus Modifies Plasmodesmatal Size
Exclusion Limit" Science 246, 377-379,

McQueen-Mason et al., 1992,  Two endogenous
proteins that induce cell wall extension in
plants. Plant Cell 4, 1425-1433.

Chory et al., 1989 Arabidopsis thaliana mutant
that develops as a light-grown plant in the
absence of light. Cell 58, 991-999.

Gan and Amasino, 1995, Inhibition of leaf
senescence by autoregulated production of
cytokinin. Science 270: 1986-1988.

Jaglo-Ottosen, et al., 1998. Arabidopsis CBF1
overexpression induces COR genes and enhances
freezing tolerance. Science 280; 1044-106.

Mou et al., 2003. Inducers of plant systemic
acquired resistance regulate NPR1 function
through redox changes. Cell 113, 935-944.

Lolle et al., 2005, Genome-wide non-mendelian
inheritance of extra-genomic information in
Arabidopsis. Nature 434, 505-509.

Weigel D, Nilsson O (1995).A developmental switch
sufficient for flower initiation in diverse
plants. Nature 377, 495-500.

Mittler R, Merquiol E, Hallak-Herr E,
Rachmilevitch S, Kaplan A,  Cohen M (2001).
Living under a 'dormant' canopy: A molecular
acclimation  mechanism of the desert plant Retama
raetam. Plant Journal, 25:  407-416.

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