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For biofuels, I recommend David Tilman's recent Science paper - 
Carbon-negative biofuels from low-input, high diversity grassland biomass. 
Science 314: 1598. His group also had an earlier paper this year on the 
relative energy inputs into corn-based ethanol and biodiesel.

The Department of Energy has many references on biofuels as this is a 
current funding initiative. If you're interested in a corn-based ethanol 
case study in progress, my township (Bridgewater Township) in Minnesota 
just passed a resolution yesterday to take over our own zoning and planning 
instead of using county planning and zoning laws. The impetus behind this 
for our small rural township is the strong push by a firm to build the 
largest corn-based ethanol plant in the country in our township. The amount 
of discussion (from rural aesthetics to the lack of sense from an energetic 
perspective) in a township of 2000 has been unbelievable.

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> I am teaching a general plant bio course called Human Uses of Plants as a
> capstone course and intend to include food security (handling during
> harvest/post-harvest, pesticide testing, etc) and biofuels as two topic
> areas. Can anyone suggst useful government documents or other resources
> for these topics?
> With thanks.
> Greg
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