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If you happen to live in the NYC area or visit there, I encourage you to see 
the evolution garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, in the main lobby area 
of the Steinhardt Conservatory. They've arranged the plants phylogenetically  
along one wall from the entry area to the opposite end of the room, with 
explantory plaques and fossils at the appropriate points. Very nice job of 
recreating a sequence of the habitats of these plants from mosses, etc. 
through flowering plants. I recently took a religious group there as part of a 
biblical botany lecture-tour. I explained the major evolutionary innovations 
and trends, and then showed how this is compatable with some ancient and 
orthodox readings of the biblical account of the origin of species. No one 
raised any creationist objections.

Jon Greenberg

Quoting james.k.miller At exxonmobil.com:

> I was searching google for information on building a garden with an
> evolution theme at my children's school and found a query that you had put
> out on the subject.  Were you able to find any useful sources?  The
> Singapore botanic garden site gave me some ideas, but it would be nice to
> find a non-tropical, N. America example.  Would appreciate any leads that
> you could give me.
> Regards,
> James K. Miller
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