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Dear Dr. Siddiqi,
I am a postgraduate in Genetics and Plant Breeding from India. Here I
have come across some popular articles in News Papers concerning the
"Effect of Music on the Milching Cows". Though this issue has not been
mined scientifically, few farmers have experienced increased milk yield
when a music was played while milking the cows while the same cows
yielded low when no music. This shows that there must be some changes
(physiological/metabolism/chemistry) that takes place in the presence
of music/specific sound wavelength... The same might be true in the
plant system as wel.. since, at cellular level, all the components/cell
organelles and other features present in animal cell are present in the
plant cell as wel.. Hence, the work being investigated by your friend
might crop-up some exciting and usefull findings..


Dr. M. Rehan Siddiqi wrote:
> A friend of mine is involved in some research work to see the effect of noise pollution on the metabolism of plants. I thoght noise pollution and music have no effect on the chemistry of plants. Please tell me about the recent findings on this subject.
>   M. Rehan Siddiqi
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