[Plant-education] Re: Water Lily Picture

TechMyst cengel at dls.net
Mon Jun 19 10:43:36 EST 2006

> Some have bulbs, some rhizomes

Yes, Yes, I removed a part of these plants from a pond where I live. and 
replanted them in a stagnant part of a creek.  I pulled apart a part of the 
rhizome network (thick as my forearm) do you know the chance of survival? 
There were also 'dreadlock' looking roots coming down from where the stem 
started to go upward to the surface.  This plant has a pointed leaf not a 
round pad.  It has a yellow flower.

will these take root and be able to grow?  Moving from a sunny pond to a 
somewhat shaded slow moving shallow creek?

thanks again... 

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