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Wed Nov 1 09:02:54 EST 2006

> So where does Plant Ed stand on these matters?. Do we deny Global  
> Climate
> Change. Do we deny Intelligent Design? Are we allowed to talk about  
> these
> matters or must we follow the  old U.K dictum (that brought us  
> where we are
> now) to avoid all discussion of polotics , sex or religion?

David Allen Walker, as always, briings up interesting points. Two  
very encouraging bits of news recently:

1. In the face of an election race for State Board of Education that  
pits a rational person against a creationist, the science faculty of  
Case Western Reserve recently found 90% of themselves signing a  
petition endorsing the evolutionary candidate. One could, of course,  
ask why it wasn't 100%, but only if one had never been on any  

2. We showed "An Inconvenient Truth" to most of our student body here  
a couple of weeks ago, and virtually the only questions I got from  
the 40 or so students I'm personally acquainted with were about what  
they could do personally to reduce global warming.


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