[Plant-education] American Association for the Advancement of.... Stupidity

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Thu Nov 2 09:54:07 EST 2006

I've got a AAAS (S supposedly = "Science") book in hand called "The 
Evolution Dialogues:  Science, Christianity, and the Quest for 

I'd expect better from the AAAS, but right here on page 141 is this 
statement:  "The evolution of seeds enabled plants to spread rapidly and 
diversify into ferns, mosses, horsetails, cycads, and, later, conifers."

I think that would make a good botany exam question:  "What is wrong 
with the following statment?"

On the previous page, the book is off on the time of the rise of 
flowering plants by about 10 million years.

Doesn't *anyone* employ a fact-checker for publications anymore???

Monique Reed
Biology Department
Texas A&M

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