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Fri Nov 3 13:11:08 EST 2006

One of my faculty colleagues, Dr. Tim Berra, has prepared an 
excellent illustrated talk on the life and times of Charles Darwin. 
He has received many compliments on his presentations at several 
prominent universities, some of which are mentioned below.  He has 
asked me to forward the following information to my colleagues in 
botany who might be planning a Darwin Day at their own university. 
Please contact Dr. Berra directly if you are interested.
Dave Kramer
Asst. Prof. of EEOB
Ohio State Unviersity at Mansfield


If  your university has a Darwin Day, you may want to know about my 
lecture on Charles Darwin's life.  Please pass this on to the people 
who organize Darwin Day.

For Darwin Day background, before you approach chairpersons, deans, 
etc. for funding, you might want to read the Darwin Day story in 10 
Feb. 06 Science:  769-771.

I was the keynote speaker at Darwin Day at University of Tennessee 
and Southern Illinois University in Feb. 06 and at University of 
Nebraska last year.  I have a 105 minute Power Point lecture with 
100+ slides that covers the life of Charles Darwin from birth to 
death and deals with his family, friends, books, and significance to 
Western thought.  It is entitled Charles Darwin: The Man 1809-1882. 
Attached is a poster from the University of Tennessee.  Some people 
who might attend will know my name as the author of Evolution and the 
Myth of Creationism (Stanford Uni. Pr. 1990).

I would be delighted to give this lecture at your university or 
museum.  It is a painless way to teach about evolution and to show 
the public that "Darwin" is not a dirty word. I have found the 
audiences very receptive. My lecture fee is $2,000 plus expenses. 
I've also given this lecture in 2001 and again in 2005 at the 
Northern Territory Museum in Darwin, NT, Australia, where I am 
Research Associate.  I got a standing ovation and an invitation to 
make a presentation before the Lord Mayor and the Darwin City 
Council.  I'm trying to get them to produce a monument to the city's 
namesake in time for 2009, the bicentennial of Darwin's birth.

I get very popular around 12 Feb. so now is the time to plan. Of 
course, I can give this talk almost any time throughout the year, 
except January. You can check out my web site listed below and 
download my recent papers on nurseryfish (males carry eggs on a hook 
on their head) that I study in tropical rivers near Darwin, 
Australia.  I could also give a biology departmental seminar on my 
nurseryfish work while at your university entitled Chasing 
Nurseryfish and Avoiding Crocodiles in Northern Australia.


Tim M. Berra, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Dept. of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology
The Ohio State University
Mansfield, Ohio 44906 USA
e-mail: berra.1 At osu.edu
phone: 419-755-4310
FAX 419-755-4367

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