[Plant-education] Dried flowers for Botany class

Brian Williams via plant-ed%40net.bio.net (by pugturd At alltel.net)
Tue Nov 14 22:29:42 EST 2006

Hello my name is Brian Williams my family and I own and run a nursery in 
Louisville KY that carries odd and rare tropical to landscape plants. I 
read your  request for plant material to dry. I personally collect 
aroids or araceae and have around 200 philodendrons and tons of other 
odd looking plants. If your interested in the flowers I do not mind at 
all and infact would like to show you around the nursery.  I do have one 
thing I am looking for and you maybe able to help. I carry very rare and 
hard to find plants and am looking for someone to do personal Tissue 
Cultures for me in low numbers. I usually buy plants from a few friends 
that do TC for me at around 1.00 to 2.00 a plant. If this is something 
you do or would be interested in doing please let me know. Here is my 
website with some info and photos of the plants I grow and collect.


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