MargaretG Miller margaretgmiller85351 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 19:09:27 EST 2006

if you are still in the need of a DVD set of the
private  life of plants. i might be able to help. back
in 1995 i recorded the complete series onto vhs(SP)but
is unedited . i've been on the lazy side getting
around to making a copy for myself with the
commericals edited. so i too have been looking for a
set  of this series  on DVD but am not finding any
that can be played on a region 1  dvd player. so  i
give up .I am nowable to make a dvd copy of my vhs 
tape that will be edited. i do have the equipment in
my home to do such transferres.   if you would like  a
couple of copies  of this set , i would  happy to make
you a set and send them to you.  i ask  for  no money
for this help.   just remembering me  in your prayers 
would be great.  sincerly margaret g miller, a senior
citizen  in sun city, az. 
e-mail==margaretgmiller85351 at yahoo.com

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