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In the spring I'll be teaching a jr-sr level course entitled 
"Freshwater and Marine Botany."  The first time I taught the course 
it was basically an algae course, heavily biased toward marine 
systems.  Two-thirds of the classes were lectures and the rest were 
student presentations of primary literature.

I am searching for a textbook.  Last time I used Sze "A Biology of 
the Algae".  It is relatively inexpensive, easy to read, and not 
overly detailed.  I tended to prepare by reading Graham & Wilcox 2000 

Does anyone have suggestions for other books?  or on the relative 
merits of Sze or Graham & Wilcox from the point of view of holding 
the interest of an undergraduate?


p.s.  I've been away from this listserv for several years.  I'm 
looking forward to being back on.  I hope the spam has gone away...
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