[Plant-education] Botany book recommendation?

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Raven, Evert and Eichhorn, Biology of Plants, is probably the most
widely adopted *serious* botany book, world-wide. It has been translated
into several languages other than English, and that tells you something.
It is not a "light" read by any stretch of the imagination.

Ray Evert has also revised Esau's Plant Anatomy. Knowing Ray the way I
do (he was my PhD advisor) I can tell you there is nothing that he does
that is not first rate, well researched (excruciatingly so, in fact),
and well written. (I believe Peter Raven's role in Biology of Plants has
diminished a lot over time, but once an author ...) 

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I have gotten interested in biology in the last couple of years
and would like to do some serious reading in botany.  I'm
interested in understanding both the low level chemistry and
the larger physiology of plants.

So far I have read Neil Campbell's _Biology_, followed
by a fairly simple book on general, organic and biochemistry,
and just today finished Alberts et. al. _Molecular Biology
of the Cell_ (a five month effort!)

I'm looking for something that is up to date, authoritative,
theoretical, and treats the reader as a serious student
for whom spoon feeding is not desirable.

I've got a 1999 6th edition of _Biology of Plants_ by Peter
Raven et. al.  I see a 2004 edition has come out, but they've
cut back the coverage.

Is Raven's a good book to read?  Is there something clearly

I would appreciate any comments or recommendations.



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