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According to Lewis, A. montana contains sesquiterpene lactones causing
"severe gastroenteritis, decreased pulse rate, collapse when ingested by
children" (p. 46); dried flower heads bactericidal, formerely valued in
Europe and North America for treating abrasions; "preparations used
externally to soothe sore muscles and reduce pain and inflammation,"
however "topical use can cause contact dermatitis or eczema" (p. 251);
should not be ingested--homeopathic use for bruises and muscle soreness of
doubtful validity (Ernst, 1998, Arch Surg 133:1187-1190; Vickers, 1998,
Clin J Pain14:227-231).  Sounds best to stay away!
>Thanks! Its Arnica montana
From: "Donna Ford-Werntz" <dford2 from wvu.edu>
>Are you interested in a particular species of Arnica? There are 5 Arnica
>species included in Walter Lewis' excellent book "Medical Botany." Overall
>summary: don't take internally, external use is not recommended (he cites
>references). Donna
> >>> "kunwar shoaib" <kunwarshoaib from hotmail.com> 08/14/07 2:43 PM >>>
> I need some information about medical uses of Arnica plant in herbal
> medicine. References from scientific journals will be highly
> appreciated.

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