[Plant-education] stain vascular tissue?

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Phloroglucinol can be used to stain lignified cells (xylem).  Make up 
a solution:

	EtOH, 95%	100 ml
	HCl (conc)	  16 ml
	Phloroglucinol	  0.1 g

Place a drop of phloroglucinol solution onto the tissue (thin 
section) and incubate 30-60 min. [temperature is not indicated!]

Result:  Lignified cell walls stain red.  Because the dye fades in a 
short time, the preparation is not permanent.

This is taken directly from page 149 of   Ruzin, Steven E.  1999.  
Plant Microtechnique and Microscopy.  New York:  Oxford University 

>can anybody suggest a stain for xylem &/or phloem of  'live' plant material?
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