[Plant-education] Medium for pollen germination

Lubos Majesky via plant-ed%40net.bio.net (by lubos.majesky from upjs.sk)
Fri Feb 16 04:47:41 EST 2007

I would like to ask for help in search for an appropriate medium for in 
vitro pollen germination of the members of Asteraceae family. I need 
germinated pollen grains for my study but a I cannot find a good medium 
in which the grains of Taraxacum would germinate. I know that there is a 
problem with germination of Asteraceae pollen (don´t want to germinate 
in common medium). If somebody could give me an advice or recommend a 
suitable medium I wolud be thankful.
                                                            Lubos Majesky

Department of Botany
Faculty of Science
P. J. Safarik University
Manesova 23
04154 Kosice

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