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In my Contemporary Genetics lab course I assign an Arabidopsis gene to
each student and direct them to use Genevestigator to analyze its
expression (where, when, compared to similar, etc).  The students make a
web report on their work where they cut/paste the graphs and draw
conclusions on the possible function of their assigned gene. I like to
give them myosin genes to analyze because most show tissue specific
expression and they can compare them as a family of genes. Works quite
well and the students like the assignment. 
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>>> Carl Pike <carl.pike At fandm.edu> 01/14/07 2:16 PM >>>

Has anyone used Genevestigator (tool for analyzing Arabidopsis gene 
expression data based on gene chips) in a teaching situation?  If so, 
could you share what you did?  Thanks  Carl Pike

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