[Plant-education] Plant Physiology by Meirion Thomas

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The longevity of Meirion Thomas's Plant Physiology text (1st ed. 1935,
5th ed. 1973) was nearly matched by Bernard S. Meyer and Donald Benton
Anderson's, Plant Physiology: A Textbook for Colleges and Universities,
first published in 1939 by Van Nostrand. The final edition was in 1973
under the title, Introduction to Plant Physiology, 2nd ed. Meyer and
Anderson also wrote the popular lab manual, Laboratory Plant
Physiology, first published in 1935, with a 3rd edition in 1955 and
several reprintings after that until at least 1963.

Another long used plant physiology lab manual was Practical Physiology
of Plants (Cambridge University Press) by Francis Darwin and Edward
Hamilton Acton. The first edition was in 1894. The 1901 third edition
was still being printed in 1925. It's disappointing that Practical
Physiology of Plants is not yet available online as a free ebook.

David R. Hershey

David Alan Walker wrote (in part):
> I feel obliged to mention  this entry in 'Scirus'
>  "The very successful textbook, Plant Physiology (Churchill) by Meirion
> Thomas was first published in 1935 and underwent several reprints and
> editions, becoming the plant physiology "bible" of botany departments
> throughout the..."

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