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In an aqueous solution, you will have significant loss of IAA in a 
couple of weeks even with standard refrigeration; I can not remember 
the number, but the late Bruce Stowe of Yale measured this carefully.  
I believe ABA will be similar, but CK will last longer until microbes 
get in the solution.  Often, users have an excess of hormone, so they 
still get physiological effects.  Freezing the solutions will help, but 
you need to be sure to redissolve any precipitated material. If you are 
doing precise work, it would be best to make new solutions, not much 

A tiny grain of thymol is an antimicrobial wonder and does not 
interfere with most uses.

Quoting Bob Wise <wise At uwosh.edu>:

> I am setting up my plant physiology teaching labs for the spring 
> semester and am wondering if I can make up stock solutions of IAA, 
> ABA, and CK and then store them for repeated use throughout the 
> 14-week semester.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  What 
> about KCN, NaN3, or CCCP?  What are their long-term storage options?
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